Thursday, 28 February 2013

Wear Wear Wear..for a loooong time i've been wait my sweetest sweater come to home...finally i proud to wear this Anniversary Sweater by KEVAS.CO

as always.. SHOES should be IN .. even the way i got the shoes is UNWORTHY hahahha
grab boyfriend's shoes, DC Shoes

hahahahha i like the shoes no matter my  foot lenght is sooo unsuitable

Monday, 18 February 2013

heyHooo!! toNight I wanna share my cool weird photosession..Ya Rocky Rolly, haha why Rocky Rolly?

i was thought about rock and roll style,as we known that's contains leather jackets, Cool Tees, and Boots.. but i interested to modified rock and roll style, AHA a Dress has came to my mind..soooo that i called rocky rolly, a RocknRoll style in feminine version <3

i love my Black Jane Boots by Shoeka Shoes

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Orange Deep Blue

Well, toNight i wanna share my past picture..i don't know what's on my mind , why i wear a DRESS !!

 i bought this Dress @ Putri Dewi olshop

YA!! this is the first dress i ever had, maybe my friends feel strange when looking me wearing a DRESS !!

But i like it anyway, simple and so ORANGE,..

wait, how about foot wear??, hmm that's the point, while the reason i bought orange dress cause this shoes..named wedgie fold boots..

shoes by shoeka shoes

hey, don't focusing into cover book, even thinking that i'm a bookworm,.that's just property, the cover book is FAKE, hahaha i made it by my self.. some photo of my orange deep blue outfits

Photo taken by my doerabdoer