Friday, 12 April 2013

To celebrate My Ay Birthday, I'm Happy, I'm dancing, and I'm freak

I know i know it's so fusty because me posting about surprise on my ay birthday right now was 30 oops 31 March, i always forget the date, between 30 or 31 March, but fortunately i try to remember what he said that our date birthday have one range..i'm 30-4-1990 and my ay 31-3-1991...YA he's younger than me, i let you call me a lady who fallen in love with BRONDONG ! hahaha..No No an older age doesn't mean have a more grown up attitude dude...right? and i think my ay has more than me..i'm still pampered, childish and lil bit grumpy...hahaha and my ay.. He's Soooooo Serve me, and he has mature intellection (sometimes) hahaha...okay back to the topic.. one, two, three..Taaaa Daaaaaaa

 Birthday Surprise in Picnic Theme...

"I give you something does not mean i'm feeling able materially, but able to make you happy"

okay guys, party is over !!

at that moment, as always my freak mind has come,*tiing* i wanna dance and playing my skirt,,skirt?? ..ohhh guys, do you realize that i wear a SKIRT. and yes that's the first skirt i've ever bought and i've ever wore..freak eh?..absolutely !!, but i don't care la la la (dancing freak)..

dance dance freak 

fly fly  skirt 

these photo taken by my lil sister ais, she's so hard to directed, so sorry about the focus in some photo :) 

fiuh..turned out  it's fairly tired after dancing hahaha

Sweet Polka Skirt :
Shoes : Kickers