Tuesday, 28 May 2013

entered into antiquity

Entered into antiquity, my freak story telling.

Once upon a time,
Geeky feel joy in the quite field with her classic outfits,vintage bag in which there are note and pen.and drink a coup of coffee,
In the middle of grasses, she got some ideas,she wrote then she stringing 'em into one,the one is an art  in photography. 
Yes, she's very interested in photography and  obsessed to be a photographer that every click by her contains:
a unique, feel, concept, moment, story, sweet, love, extraordinary.

Until she found something wonderful and so lamentable to miss it, she desire to shots with her analog camera that made from paper, she looks mad but feel pleasure to shots.
Suddenly she's gone and...whoops, wake up, still can't realized that the story is just a dream, 
she entered into antiquity. 

she believe  that the dream isn't just a dream, her dream is an inspiration to do something, yes, she will continue the dream in real. 

Friday, 10 May 2013

Blue G-love

Truly, i don't really like watches, and my ay too, eee i mean, too like, he's so obsessed collect the watches..especially g-shock..ya g-shock succesfully "MELET" (hypnotized) him, he knows almost all type and spec of gshock watches, too bad the price isn't suitable w/ the money pockets. 
Someday my ay told me, that he want gimme prize on my birthday, before that, he ask me "what do you want from me on u're birthday?" i said on fire "of course shoes" !! he answered "NO-MORE-SHOES" then he explain and count  how many shoes that i have..okay i give up..constrained i have to obey him.he want to give a watches. cause i rarely never wear a watches, then he took me into TEC, watches shop that have cheaper price,oh no it  still expensive but very very cheaper than another shop.i looks some watches and i found the cool one GSHOCK GLX 5600 4D..

OH my it's so sexy.

i've fallen in love w/ that watches and desire to wear a watches.but we have to be patient to gotta it..2 months later come..and it was aprl.ya my birthday..so we come back and ready to buy it..but i'm so disappointed the sexy red was sold..but ahh my ay gotta a new cool one..this blue G-love..


what's wrong with my ay..that watches would be mine but his excited more than me..ohyeaah because he know about the features..

Turns out that watches have no battery, it tough solar watches, charge with solar power..i just say ohh okee, i want it..i try once twice and third.. waoww this watches is cool too and suitable to me..my ay's choice was right..and my disappointment 'bout lost the sexy red was gone..

na na na photo shoot need to be in

i have too keep, always wear , and love my Blue G-love.

thankyou my ay for the gift :*