Tuesday, 28 May 2013

entered into antiquity

Entered into antiquity, my freak story telling.

Once upon a time,
Geeky feel joy in the quite field with her classic outfits,vintage bag in which there are note and pen.and drink a coup of coffee,
In the middle of grasses, she got some ideas,she wrote then she stringing 'em into one,the one is an art  in photography. 
Yes, she's very interested in photography and  obsessed to be a photographer that every click by her contains:
a unique, feel, concept, moment, story, sweet, love, extraordinary.

Until she found something wonderful and so lamentable to miss it, she desire to shots with her analog camera that made from paper, she looks mad but feel pleasure to shots.
Suddenly she's gone and...whoops, wake up, still can't realized that the story is just a dream, 
she entered into antiquity. 

she believe  that the dream isn't just a dream, her dream is an inspiration to do something, yes, she will continue the dream in real. 


  1. I like your pictures! They are so cute! Its so Alice In Wonderland! I wanted to follow you, how do I do that?

    1. hay..thankyou visit my blog, i've been create bloglovin and added follow button into my blog..you are the first who comment my blog, i'm so excited..about this photo, i'm inspired by hatter alice in the wonderland. you know me so well.. i love u're post too, i will follow you :)