Tuesday, 12 May 2015

i can't resist black

Hello everyone, it's May 2015 right? and my prev post is october 2014 oh my i am a fake fashion blogger, somebody help me please how to be consistent posting :(

The cause is this -->  fabellehijab . I am busy with my fabellehijab, it 's my hijab shop that sell a high quality fabric hijab with candy colours, yap me who known a  girl with black clothes sell a colorful, pastel, candy, sweet colours hahahah but i really love and enjoy it. I will post more details about my fabellehijab, and now back to the topic please!

Several months not doin' ootd photoshoot, alhamdulillah  alhamdulillah finally i did it, i canceled all the schedules and break my laziness hahahha. 

I can't resist black, even most people say that my face is suit with bright colours because they said i am cute (okay i don't say, they do :p ) but i can't resist black, black is everything, i feel part of my life to be complete with black clothes, it's suit me, i look mature, energic, gothic, rock, metal, punk okay okay stop! The main reason is black hiding fat. #hak

shoes : nike
striped skirt : rokgaliya
sling bag : gosh

 skirt and sneakers is everything <3

Saturday, 4 October 2014


I always love pair my dress with leather jackets, it's sooo rocky rolly LOL :D
Oh Anyway this photo taken by my lovely, and needed so much sacrifice (?) to take, there are so many people arround and we always stalled and most people saw me like ehh? freakin' princess eh? hahaha

 Dress by : Hijab Of Damara
Burberry Scarf : Quirky Hijab
Leather Jackets : Local Unbranded
Sneakers : Converse

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Halloween is not over yet

I'm black colours addict, black suit with every colours esp red, black and red means brave, deep, strange and gothic!!

Saturday, 4 January 2014

hey child, growns up please!

Hai guys, today i feel sooo glory because no overtime work and haven't photographing people so i don't wanna miss my free day. I really want do photoshoot since a couple weeks ago while preparing to lose my weight hahaha, oh please ignore my failed diet..

I dressed up like a child because inspired by what people (mom, dad, sister and boyfriend) said to me that i'm soo childish, ya i'm still like joke at wrong time, dancing freak, doing silly face, have no shame and even crying without reason hahaha.. 

Hmm talking about "crying", i remember about a couple weeks ago i feel so tired too much crying, you know why? because my boyfriend threaten me if i still throw much money (shopping) , he won't to see mee again !! Poor mee :((( but my boyfriend give me a time tolerance :) he allowed me to shopping 3 months later..hahaha i have to shopping fasting until 3 months later!! i can do it, yaa i can do it.


 i can't wait to shopping until 3 months later!!
but i have to !! for better future i have to save money, child have to growns up :)

Okay guys i call this is my last shopping stuff.. Dungaree, skull shoes, Beanie, and sunnies really works to made my day :)

Dungaree : VChannel buy at Jazzie Fashion (Instagram)
Shoes : Gosh
Sunnies : Unbranded
Beanie : Unbranded

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

you are the ice when i was fire

Long time no blogging, because too much task that i have to do in my job..okay forget about the job, it always make me dizzy,  how about change the topic, something about love?!, hmm i have to tell you that my Aak go home earlier yaayyy haaha, he surprising me when he came into my house..I'am so happy he is here, and i don't want missing do photoshoot before he wanna leave me again :)

 “We cannot fight for love as men may do, We should be woo 'd, and were not made to woo ” 
William Shakespeare

Spiked Jeans Jacket : unbranded
Jeans : ZARA
Sneakers : DC Shoes

when he leave me, i feel so missing him, My Aak is the one who know me so well, i really love his way to make me calm down when i was grumpy,
hehe now i'm speechless, i just want to say that...

You are the ice when i was fire

Sunday, 15 September 2013