Tuesday, 12 May 2015

i can't resist black

Hello everyone, it's May 2015 right? and my prev post is october 2014 oh my i am a fake fashion blogger, somebody help me please how to be consistent posting :(

The cause is this -->  fabellehijab . I am busy with my fabellehijab, it 's my hijab shop that sell a high quality fabric hijab with candy colours, yap me who known a  girl with black clothes sell a colorful, pastel, candy, sweet colours hahahah but i really love and enjoy it. I will post more details about my fabellehijab, and now back to the topic please!

Several months not doin' ootd photoshoot, alhamdulillah  alhamdulillah finally i did it, i canceled all the schedules and break my laziness hahahha. 

I can't resist black, even most people say that my face is suit with bright colours because they said i am cute (okay i don't say, they do :p ) but i can't resist black, black is everything, i feel part of my life to be complete with black clothes, it's suit me, i look mature, energic, gothic, rock, metal, punk okay okay stop! The main reason is black hiding fat. #hak

shoes : nike
striped skirt : rokgaliya
sling bag : gosh

 skirt and sneakers is everything <3