Tuesday, 3 December 2013

you are the ice when i was fire

Long time no blogging, because too much task that i have to do in my job..okay forget about the job, it always make me dizzy,  how about change the topic, something about love?!, hmm i have to tell you that my Aak go home earlier yaayyy haaha, he surprising me when he came into my house..I'am so happy he is here, and i don't want missing do photoshoot before he wanna leave me again :)

 “We cannot fight for love as men may do, We should be woo 'd, and were not made to woo ” 
William Shakespeare

Spiked Jeans Jacket : unbranded
Jeans : ZARA
Sneakers : DC Shoes

when he leave me, i feel so missing him, My Aak is the one who know me so well, i really love his way to make me calm down when i was grumpy,
hehe now i'm speechless, i just want to say that...

You are the ice when i was fire

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