Saturday, 4 January 2014

hey child, growns up please!

Hai guys, today i feel sooo glory because no overtime work and haven't photographing people so i don't wanna miss my free day. I really want do photoshoot since a couple weeks ago while preparing to lose my weight hahaha, oh please ignore my failed diet..

I dressed up like a child because inspired by what people (mom, dad, sister and boyfriend) said to me that i'm soo childish, ya i'm still like joke at wrong time, dancing freak, doing silly face, have no shame and even crying without reason hahaha.. 

Hmm talking about "crying", i remember about a couple weeks ago i feel so tired too much crying, you know why? because my boyfriend threaten me if i still throw much money (shopping) , he won't to see mee again !! Poor mee :((( but my boyfriend give me a time tolerance :) he allowed me to shopping 3 months later..hahaha i have to shopping fasting until 3 months later!! i can do it, yaa i can do it.


 i can't wait to shopping until 3 months later!!
but i have to !! for better future i have to save money, child have to growns up :)

Okay guys i call this is my last shopping stuff.. Dungaree, skull shoes, Beanie, and sunnies really works to made my day :)

Dungaree : VChannel buy at Jazzie Fashion (Instagram)
Shoes : Gosh
Sunnies : Unbranded
Beanie : Unbranded

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